An enthusiast of both travel and music, Allen Barbee makes sure both are a big part of his life.

Beginning his career at several colleges in the Atlanta, Georgia area, he eventually ended up at St. Martin’s Episcopal School, leading the lower and middle school bands for the past 15 years. He also directs music at his church and adjudicates in the area.

We asked Barbee a few questions about his experience with student travel using Super Holiday Tours.

And how about your history with student travel?

We have been traveling to Florida with Hilde for over 10 years. We alternate between Disney World and Universal with various programs and performances.

Why is student travel important to you?

Student Travel helps build camaraderie amongst the students and teachers, and format a better ensemble. Those that travel together, perform better together!

Tell us about your most recent SHT trip and some highlights.

We just got back from our trip to Universal Studios January 4-6, performing at their Music and The Art of Foley workshop. It was a great experience for my students and they learned a lot. Universal did a great job catering to my students’ abilities and Hilde was key in relaying that information to them.

Do you have one great travel memory/highlight that comes to mind?

We have had so many wonderful experiences. The most difficult trips for me to prepare for are the public performances. But the students have had wonderful receptions from those audiences, especially at Disney Springs, which cannot help but make them feel great, so it is all worth the work!

How has working with Super Holiday been for you?

Working with the team at SHT, especially Hilde, has always been smooth. I never have to worry about the various elements and details of our trip because Hilde and the SHT group know what they are doing and take great care of us.

Any final thoughts for other educators who are considering/planning student travel?

The key is having a tour company who knows the ins and outs that are specific to school (especially music ensembles) travel. There are many components to think about, so having a tour company like SHT will always make things so much easier and a better experience overall for the students!