Charleston, South Carolina

The Charleston Area is a veritable living museum populated with expertly preserved antebellum mansions; however, it is also a bustling epicenter of culture, invigorating outdoor activity and sumptuous dining that welcomes close to four million visitors annually.

When visiting the picturesque city, enjoy a picnic and a narrated tram tour at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. A truly unique experience for students is a tour of The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon: here, students will get a firsthand look into the American Revolution, colonial “Charles Town” and the slave trade. At night, consider going on another tour, this one filled with ghosts! The Ghost & Graveyard Walking Tour is 90 minutes of exploration and storytelling through haunted, historic Charleston.

And you can’t leave Charleston without visiting the Patriots Point Navel & Maritime Museum: gain access to the U.S.S. Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, a 3-acre Vietnam Experience Exhibit, the Medal of Honor Museum, 28 historic aircraft and more! Another impressive location that your students could explore on their own is the South Carolina Aquarium, home to more than 5,000 animals including river otters, American alligators, Atlantic stingrays and a 220-pound loggerhead sea turtle!

Round out your Charleston experience with a Historic Charleston Tour, inclusive of a visit to the United States Customs House. From there, venture to the Historic Charleston Market for shopping and a bite to eat.

With a rich 300-year history, Charleston today is America’s most beautifully preserved architectural and historical treasure. The city’s past is a testament to the spirit and tenacity of its citizens. Its appeal has been described as a “living museum.” As Charleston native Elizabeth O’Neill Verner once said, “It is impossible for me to enter Charleston from any side, whether by land or by sea, and not feel that here the land is precious; here is a place worth keeping…”

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