Montreal, Quebec

If you love architecture, history, culture, fine art, nature, music, smoked meat, and poutine, then Montreal may be a top visit choice for you! Montreal is a UNESCO city of design; it is the world’s second-largest French-speaking city after Paris and it combines European culture with a North American way of life. On this 4 day tour you will explore Old Montreal on a scavenger hunt, hear stories of ghosts and legends on an haunted walk, take a bike ride along the Lachine canal, go for a hike at Mont Royal Park, experience one of the neighbourhood markets and enjoy a traditional Quebecois Feast. Visit Pointe à Callière – Montreal’s most unique museum, built over the archaeological remains of 5 distinct periods of settlement. Explore Montreal Museum of Fine Arts housing a collection of over 33,000 objects – painting, sculpture, prints and drawings, photographs, and decorative art objects. You will also have a chance to visit Sainte-Catherine Street, the famous Underground City as well as other sites, attractions and museums based on your interests.

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